2019 April Learn and Network Meeting

Mr. Jean AbiNade provided a presentation on Intercultural Negotiations.

Mr. Jean AbiNader's experiences have shaped his approach to negotiations training. He believes that we derive our negotiating styles from cultural and psychological traits that are shaped and influenced by the environments in which we were raised, worked, aspired to, and succeeded in. In his programs, he facilitates understanding how we, as negotiators and team members, contribute our unique and shared approaches to negotiations within our organization and with others, in business, at home, with friends, and as consumers.

Jean applies his perspectives of working across national, organizational, and personal cultures to the negotiating principles developed by the Harvard Program on Negotiations (https://www.pon.harvard.edu/blog/). He has conducted negotiations and negotiations training since the last century, and brings multiple examples of negotiating principles to the session for both education and enjoyment. His style is interactive, focused, and centered on the interests of the participants, so be prepared to participate.

Bio: Jean AbiNader has been working internationally since he finished his post-graduate education in intercultural affairs and went off to Europe as a road manager for a rock and roll tour. Getting back to business, he eventually worked in 40 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa at the intersection of international marketing, organizational change, cross-cultural communications, and workforce development. He has written broadly on cross-cultural training, workforce diversity, and the role of entrepreneurship in emerging and frontier markets. Jean designs and manages education and training assignments for government agencies, international institutions, and private enterprises. His portfolio includes soft-skills such as project-specific leadership and team building, negotiations, project management, and multi-cultural staff supervision, as well as skills training related to workforce development strategies.