The Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects - Capital Area was established in 2008. Effort for establishing our association started in 2007 when Eissa Haj-Hamad and Walid Halbouni moved to the area from Michigan. They were among the group of engineers who established a similar association in Michigan. Both, Eissa and Walid, started connecting with engineers in Maryland and Virginia and discussed with them the possibility of establishing an association while sharing facts about the benefits of having an association and the experience of similar associations established in several other states.
Email messages were exchanged with several engineers in Maryland and Virginia between November of 2011 and April of 2008 where the first meeting was called for and a framework to establish the association was put together. A steering committee was created and the association was then incorporated in Maryland.

Pictures from the first meetings:

Executive Committee Members:

Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Public Relation*
2020 Eissa Haj-Hamad Walid Halbouni Mohammad Fridy Rabih Najib Mamdouh Elsakka (MD)
Abdallah Adas (VA)
2019 Abdallah Adas   Mohammad Ayyoubi Eissa Haj-Hamad Mamdouh Elsakka (MD)
2018 Mamdouh Elsakka Amal El Akkraoui Mohammad Ayyoubi Eissa Haj-Hamad Abdallah Adas (VA)
Walid Halboni (MD)
2017 Mohamad Jamal Abdallah Adas Mohamad Shahnie Eissa Haj-Hamad Jamileh Mogin
Mohammad Ayyoubi
2016 Ziad Sabra Mohamad Jamal Nazha Sarkis Emad Yassin Amal Abou-Sef
2015 Nader Abuhassan Ziad Sabra Fadi Zureick Marwan Karajat Nihad Akkad
2014 Nader Abuhassan Khaled Masri Mazen Ayoubi Marwan Karajat Ziad Sabra
2013 Sam Kubba Walid Halboni Tahseen Bakeer Nader Abuhassan Eissa Haj-Hamad
2012 Sam Abdelfattah Hiyam Wakeem Khaled Masri Eissa Haj-Hamad Moe Fridy
2011 Rabih Najib Sae'd Rahwanji Moe Fridy Sam Abdelfattah Abed Khaskia
2010 Rabih Najib Mohamad Labban Moe Fridy Sam Abdelfattah Sae'd Rahwanji
2009 Eissa Haj-Hamad Samir Alqutri Hatim Hajj Mo. Ayyoubi Aiad Hejazi
2008** Eissa Haj-Hamad Samir Alqutri Hatim Hajj Mo. Ayyoubi Aiad Hejazi
* Prior to 2014, this position was for an IT Officer.
** 2008 Officers were appointed by the steering committee to run the association until an election is held.